Michael McCleery

MSW RSW Counsellor


In my private practice, I provide support and counselling for individuals and families who are in the process of caring for their aging relatives. Individuals encountering the new role of “the caregiver” often report feeling significant levels of anxiety and uncertainty. With my extensive experience in working in the health care sector and with its community partners, I provide my clients with a number of services including:

  • support and guidance in navigating the complex health and social services system;
  • decision-making support around issues of health care and activities of daily living;
  • understanding their parents’ rights and their rights as caregivers through clarification of issues related to capacity and consent;
  • advice on eldercare abuse and neglect;
  • contingency planning
  • advice about long-term care or retirement home;
  • support to families living at a distance from their aging relatives;
  • managing and resolving family conflict;
  • therapeutic support to caregivers experiencing stress and burnout, coping with grief and loss, or dealing with anxiety and depression.

My approach to working with individuals is from a perspective of respect and compassion. My goal is to help my clients increase their knowledge and decision-making power, as well as to cope with the emotional challenges associated with caring for their family members.