Kanata Psychology and Kanata Learning Centre Announce Affiliation with 5 Star Camps!

  • March 2, 2019

The Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre and the Kanata Learning Centre are very proud to announce a partnership with 5 Star Camps, which is located in Carp, Ontario. 5 Star Camps is an outdoor summer camp complete with high and low ropes courses, climbing walls, archery tag, and a pool, that also offers a low camper-counsellor ratio and a child-centered approach. Since 2007, 5 Star Camps has provided outdoor experiences for hundreds of children, including those diagnosed with special needs such as, ADHD, Autism, and various Learning Disabilities.

This generation of kids is living a much different lifestyle than what their parents experienced. With the proliferation of technology and increased use of screen time, as well as the emphasis on scheduled activities, children are spending less time outdoors than ever before. Meanwhile, there is a growing body of evidence demonstrating that this lack of time in nature is linked to rising rates of childhood anxiety, depression, attention and behavioural problems, and other health conditions. Most parents will agree that outdoor play is essential to healthy child development, but it can be difficult for busy working parents to meet that need.

Set in a beautiful natural environment of 55 acres of forests and fields, 5 Star Camps, provides the opportunity for children to develop skills in socialization, self-regulation, and self-confidence while having fun in a safe and child-centered environment. The founders of 5 Star Camps (Sean and Anita Hopper) have always taken a child-centered approach to their programs. They ensure that parents have the opportunity to provide as much information about their child as they can; whether that pertains to specific fears and behaviours, or to challenges with allergies or disabilities, or a mental health condition, it is important to all the staff and administration at 5 Star Camps to know their campers so that they can provide the best environment to meet their needs. For these reasons, having a partnership with 5 Star Camps made perfect sense to Dr. Rebecca Moore, founder of both the Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre and the Kanata Learning Centre. It is hoped that through this affiliation more youth can be reached in order to continue to provide excellent mental health programs or services for all.

If you are interested in learning more about 5 Star Camps, visit their site at https://5starcamps.ca or see them on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/5StarCamps/